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Austin wedding photographer | New album style

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of printing your photos and bringing them to life, rather than have them sit around on your computer. Digital photography is amazing and allows us to document life so much more thoroughly, but the downside is you look at a DVD with my logo on it instead of a wall full of photography. So, I suppose, the gist of what I’m saying is PRINT THEM OUT DARLINGS! *stepping off soapbox*

Anyhoo, speaking of photos, I have a new album style to share with you. I think you’ll like it. It’s beautiful silk fabric and I’m very impressed with the printing and embossing. You’ll see a bit of my album design style for weddings, which is clean and simple with the images speaking for themselves. I think for wedding photography, that’s the way to go.

Check it out, see what you think, and as always you can come to the office to touch and feel for yourself.

Austin engagement photographer albumAustin engagement photographer albumAustin Engagement Portraits in Downtown AustinWhat to wear for an engagement session

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Detail of the Week | Albums

I received a new sample album that I’ll be sending off to Becker Vineyards shortly, but I wanted to show it to you first!

This is a very modern album style with matte finish pages, square corners and a canvas image cover. I think it shows off Amy and Kep’s vineyard military wedding in a great way!

Enjoy this weekend and get outside everyone! It looks like it’s going to be perfect Spring weather in Austin, Texas!


Becker Vineyards wedding photosAustin, Texas Wedding PhotographerBecker Vineyards Wedding Photographer

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Personal | Family Photos

You guys want to see MY family photos this year?

My dear, dear friend and talented photographer Kristen shot these for us. It was freezing cold and when I picked my kid up from school before the session, her teacher said “She’s had a really rough day today – not the most well-behaved”. Awesome. So the odds were highly stacked against us, but in a 25 minutes session, Kristen made us some gorgeous photos. I had them made into a holiday-style album, which I am LOVING (as are the grandparents).

I love small albums for portrait sessions! While I am a bit of a mimimalist on my wedding album designs (white pages, clean layouts), I think this album benefitted from a kicky little theme.

Looking forward to 2012…The Best of 2011 posts are coming!



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Detail of the Week | Album

I am shipping out a TON of albums this week – I’ll be showing you more soon, but wanted to share Erica and Josh’s Star Hill Ranch wedding album (which actually shipped out a few months ago).

Partially, because I just love them and also because I hadn’t seen this combination for the cover before and it looked so lovely among the leaves in the fall – just like their wedding.

Star Hill Ranch Rustic Wedding AlbumStar Hill Ranch Rustic Wedding Album Shannon Cunningham is an Austin wedding photographer.

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Saturday Sweetness: Not So Basic Black Album

If you’ve been by the studio and looked at my sample albums, you know I’m a big fan of showing you what’s possible in album design. Pink! Purple! Yellow! Silver! Zebra! I have all of the colors of the rainbow and then some. However, while you have pretty much any option you want, there is someting to be said for timeless, classic choices.

The lovely Leslie and Ryan picked up their album this week and I wanted to show you that the basic black album got an upgrade. It is so pretty. Gorgeous printing and modern binding – sharp, square pages. Yum! It’s completely archival too. It’ll outlast all of us.

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Product Spotlight: Mini Accordian Albums

I have been wanting to update the website and blog with images of my albums and other products FOREVER! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’ve decided we’ll just take it one product at a time starting…NOW!

Today I want to show one of my favorites. The Mini-Accordian Album! Everyone who has ordered these is in love. I have several around the house with photos of my daughter and family and they are the best gifts. If you are a lover of all things travel-sized (like me) you will squeal when you see these.

They come in square and rectangular formats and can printed on smooth (with high gloss or semi-gloss), linen or watercolor paper in a variety of cloth and faux-leather covers. They are usually made with between 5-10 images. You can have them as just story boards or let me add some whimsy with borders and colors. They’re great for both weddings and portraits and the turnaround is FAST! Once we have your design approved, you’ll have them in a week.

You can order these at your ordering session or through your online shopping cart.

Day 2 of December Fun and Games is complete!




Shannon Cunningham is an Austin Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

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Why You Should Print Out Your Wedding Photos

Digital photography is wonderful. The technology has allowed photographers to push the boundaries of what is possibly both technically and artistically. I love it. I think one of the big downsides of digital is the lost art of the print.

Not that long ago, you needed to have your film developed to see what your photos looked like. You had this tangible thing in your hand that you sorted through, put in albums and shared with other people. As someone who comes from a fine art background, I find this really powerful. I spent hours in the darkroom making prints and I think something that you can hold is a little more precious. It’s an experience that you can’t get with an online gallery.

I am guilty of uploading photos of my daughter onto my hard drive and letting them sit there. I have THOUSANDS of photos of Savannah that have never been printed. I had a great experience a little while ago that got me thinking about the importance of printing out your photos, especially your wedding photos.

My in-laws celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. While we were in Ireland this summer (which is where my husband’s family is from), my husband’s aunt brought out my in-laws wedding album for us to see. It had been in the family home since my in-laws had moved to America.

It was magical! We saw them so young and happy. The fashion and style of the guests was so fun to see. Conor’s aunt would spot someone in a photo and tell us a story about them. She remembered all of the funny moments of the day like it was yesterday. She remembered her feelings of the day. It was such a lovely glimpse into family history. I don’t think that’s something you can get with a DVD of images. Who knows what format we’ll be using 40 years from now? My brilliant husband suggested that we scan, restore and make a new flush mount album for them as an anniversary gift. The old one was falling apart a little.

Most of my collections come with an album and there are few things I love more than delivering a gorgeous finished product to a client. They are true heirlooms that are constructed to last for a long, long time. However, there are tons of options for you! At the very least, print out your favorite images so 40 years from now you can tell your favorite wedding day stories.

Here are some of the spreads from my in-laws wedding album. Enjoy!





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