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Detail of the Week | Redux

Last year around this time, I was able to photograph the Driskill tree lighting and party. It was beautiful and festive and cozy. I love the Driskill for weddings, events, bridals – anything! It was planned and designed by the creative geniuses over at BZ Events and featured a beautiful champagne cocktail with a sparkly swizzle stick.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of traffic from Pinterest to that photo and I felt badly that we didn’t have a recipe to go along with the photo. So I hit up the BZ people and voila! Just in time for the holidays, a festive cocktail recipe for you. It’s easy and gorgeous!

Festive holiday cocktail recipe

BZ’s Cranberry Sparkler

1-ounce sweetened cranberry juice

1 wedge lime

Champagne or Prosecco (yum!)

Cranberries (frozen)

A sparkly stir stick


In a chilled Champagne flute add cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime. Top off the glass with some yummy bubbly. Garnish with 3 cranberries and a sparkly stir stick.

ENJOY! Cheers to 2013!!


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Detail of the week | Shoes of 2012

You know….you know how I feel about shoes.  Here are some of my favorites from 2012. Christian, Jimmy, Tom, Kate, Steve, Rene and Badgley are all well represented!

You know back in the dark ages when I got married, I wore boring old WHITE shoes. I would change shoes hourly during the wedding if I was getting married today.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!!!

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Detail of the Week | Instagram hashtags for weddings

OH YES! I love Instagram (and will have a post on it next week). I’m ‘SCPHOTO’ if you want to follow me (and I would love that because you’ll get a really great glimpse into my life and what makes me tick).

Just click on the icon to find me. But more about that later…


I think an Instagram hashtag is the PERFECT thing to incorporate into your wedding because who doesn’t have a smart phone at this point? Trust me, these people will be taking photos at your wedding and how FUN is it to see those photos immediately after the wedding? It is FUN, trust me. Plus, my assistant and I are all over the place, but can’t be everywhere at all times. Your guests can get some great behind the scenes perspective photos for you.

Jill and Matt (who you will be seeing more of later this month) had this delightful little sign at their Camp Lucy wedding and got to see lots of fun photos of their wedding immediately. I also participated (and totally will at your wedding too if you do this). Check out their hashtag and see the GIANT tarantula that crashed cocktail hour.

EEEE! Oh hill country, never change.

Camp Lucy wedding photos |





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Detail of the Week | Why you invite people to your wedding

I know normally I have some DIY wedding crafty awesomeness or some blingy shoes to show you on Friday (and believe me, I have some amazing shoes lined up), but as I was editing Jill and Greg’s wedding photos, I kept coming back to this simple little image from their rehearsal dinner. Is it my most creative photo ever? No, but I love it anyways because it is real.

I often tell couples I meet with that your wedding day is one of the only days in your entire life that everyone you know and love is in the same room. Life takes us in so many directions and friends and family are often scattered across the world. A genuine, excited hug from a good friend (and their adorbale madras-shorts wearing child) is going to be one of the best parts of your wedding. Make sure you enjoy it!

Happy Weekend!

Jill and Greg's Wedding weekend at the La Contera resort in San Antonio

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Detail of the Week | Albums

I received a new sample album that I’ll be sending off to Becker Vineyards shortly, but I wanted to show it to you first!

This is a very modern album style with matte finish pages, square corners and a canvas image cover. I think it shows off Amy and Kep’s vineyard military wedding in a great way!

Enjoy this weekend and get outside everyone! It looks like it’s going to be perfect Spring weather in Austin, Texas!


Becker Vineyards wedding photosAustin, Texas Wedding PhotographerBecker Vineyards Wedding Photographer

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