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Catch Me Not Blogging | The Rules and Regs


Austin Wedding Photographer Contest

OK! As mentioned on the Facebook page, I have a ridiculous backlog of events and portrait shoots to show you. It’s borderline embarrassing. Plus, there have been some fun things going on in my life that I’d like to share as well.

So as a motivator to myself AND some holiday fun for you, I’m bringing back ‘Catch Me Not Blogging’ for the rest of December!!

Here are the rules (they are a little different than last time):

I will be putting up a blog post each weekday (That is Monday through Friday) for the remainder of December. If there is no new blog post by 5:00PM {CST} then leave a comment notifying me of my oversight. You have until midnight that night to leave a comment.

I will then assign your comments a number in the order they are written, put them in the random number generator and the winner will receive a $250 credit that may be used towards: A photo session, prints, canvases, albums, digital files, other photo related products (as outlined on my price sheet). New and current clients are eligible. I can travel for a session, but you will be responsible for all travel costs outside of the Austin area. The prize cannot be redeemed for cash, used towards past purchases or to discount wedding photography services.

Make sense? Great.

Let’s get started!! Happy December everyone!



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Do you know these lovebirds? | Austin Wedding Photographer

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!! I had a great time with family and friends and am still full to be quite honest.

I love the transition from Thanksgiving to the Holiday season. It’s finally OK to get out out stockings and decorate the Christmas tree (or in the case of a lot of my friends, the Menorah and Hanukkah decorations). One of my favorite things about my location in central Austin is this stretch of road where people decorate the native pine trees along the road. It’s just another one of those things about Austin that makes me smile and never EVER want to leave this city.

Savannah and I usually take a few trips to this spot – one for looking and at least one for a photo shoot (duh). Today we took our first trip.

We found THIS among all of the beautifully (and quirkily) decorated trees! (Pardon the iphone photo)


 I am currently obsessed with who this couple is. If you know them, send them my way – I have an engagement session waiting for them. Seriously – I love a grand gesture.

 Shannon Cunningham is an Austin wedding photographer who LOVES love.

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We have a winner!!! Also, Four Year Olds Don’t Understand Math!

OK, so my little human random number generator let me down. I laid out all of the numbers and told Savannah to  pick one and she responded ‘a million’! I then explained that she needed to choose a number between 1 and 14 and she then responsed ‘a hundred!’.

Seriously, never trust a four year old.

SO, I went to a lovely site that has a REAL random number generator that understands constraints and parameters.Voila!


The winner is HEATHER M!!!! Yea Heather! I’ll be emailing you with your information.

For those of you wondering, I took all of the comments (from any post) mentioning that I hadn’t blogged (only your first one -there were a few double posts), put them in order and then assigned them a number from earliest to latest.

This was fun! Thank you so much for reading the blog. I hope you keep coming back – I have lots of other fun sessions to post and plan on posting eash day through the end of the year.



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December Fun! Catch Me Not Blogging.

HolidayThe leaves outside my office have changed to gorgeous colors {finally! Oh Texas Autumn} and I am sitting here feeling very festive indeed. I love games and I love December, so let’s combine the two!

I would like to blog everyday in December. If I don’t and you catch me, then one of you that busts me wins a free portrait session {engagement, family, baby, bridal, day after, anything!}, or, if you are already a client and don’t want a new session, a $200 credit towards any product {albums, prints, canvases, etc}.

I promise that there will be a slip up at some point this month, so SOMEONE will win.

Here are the rules:

If there is no new blog post by 5:00PM {CST} then leave a comment notifying me of my oversight. You have until midnight that night to leave a comment.

My ever helpful almost 4 year old will then choose a number and that comment number will be the winner!

Yea! Fun games! I love this time of year.

Hope things are shaping up great for you and yours. So far 2009 has been amazing for Shannon Cunningham Photography and it’s all because of YOU!



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Newsletter + Upcoming Holiday Mini-Sessions

We’ve had sub 100 temps the last few days! Do you know what that means? HOLIDAY PORTRAIT TIME!

I know, September seems really early doesn’t it, but it is time to schedule your holiday sessions. I’m offering a little incentive.

Up at the top of the blog there is a ‘Links’ section. Go on up there and sign up for the newsletter. I’ll be sending out information about Holiday Mini-Sessions and if you are on the newsletter, you not only get first crack at times, there will be a little extra something for you. Do it now!


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Holiday Card Samples

The holidays are just around the corner, so to get you thinking, here are a few Holiday Card examples. I also have a few other styles to choose from. Text is all customizable and the photos can be B&W or color. Prices vary depending on card style, but please feel free to email or call if you’d like me to create your holiday cards this year.

One quick reminder……the holiday card order deadline is December 1.






Inside Spread (this is a fold out 5×7 card)



Inside spread (5×7 folded card)



Inside Spread (again a 5×7 folded card)

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