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Detail of the Week | Instagram hashtags for weddings

OH YES! I love Instagram (and will have a post on it next week). I’m ‘SCPHOTO’ if you want to follow me (and I would love that because you’ll get a really great glimpse into my life and what makes me tick).

Just click on the icon to find me. But more about that later…


I think an Instagram hashtag is the PERFECT thing to incorporate into your wedding because who doesn’t have a smart phone at this point? Trust me, these people will be taking photos at your wedding and how FUN is it to see those photos immediately after the wedding? It is FUN, trust me. Plus, my assistant and I are all over the place, but can’t be everywhere at all times. Your guests can get some great behind the scenes perspective photos for you.

Jill and Matt (who you will be seeing more of later this month) had this delightful little sign at their Camp Lucy wedding and got to see lots of fun photos of their wedding immediately. I also participated (and totally will at your wedding too if you do this). Check out their hashtag and see the GIANT tarantula that crashed cocktail hour.

EEEE! Oh hill country, never change.

Camp Lucy wedding photos | www.shannoncunninghamphoto.com





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Detail of the Week | The Sky

You can DIY and add amazing details all you want, but there is one detail you can’t control on your wedding day and that is the sky. I always like to take a photo of the sky above your wedding day. It’s an extra little momento from the day. This one is from Elizabeth and Martin’s Wildflower Center wedding.

Austin wedding photographer | Blue sky wedding Shannon Cunningham is an Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer

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Detail of the Week | The Greyhound Signature Cocktail

Oh we all remember April and Brad’s Fun Farmer’s Market themed wedding at Mercury Hall. If you don’t, you should definitely click that link and check out their super fun and stylish day.

Today’s detail is their signture cocktail.  

Enjoy your weekend!

Signature Greyhound cocktail at a Mercury Hall wedding in Austin, Texas Shannon Cunningham is an Austin wedding photographer who enjoys a good signature cocktail when off the clock.

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Detail of the Week | Vertallee Letterpress Cards

 This is a bit of a cheat post and will out me as a big stationary nerd, but I got some new business cards and I think they are just the prettiest thing ever!

My lovely graphic designer hooked me up with a letterpress shop called Vertallee Letterpress right here in Austin (yea local). I mention this because I saw some samples of some gorgeous wedding invitations while I was there (I’m a bit of a lookie-loo). Definitely consider them if you’re thinking of letterpress anything for your wedding.

I couldn’t be more thrilled – thank you Vertallee!

Look how pretty….

Business cards for Shannon Cunningham Photography, an Austin wedding photographer 

Bsuiness cards for Shannon Cunningham Photography, an Autin wedding photographer

 Post coming up soon for Kristin and Nick’s Women’s Federation Mansion wedding…stay tuned.

Shannon Cunningham is an Austin wedding photographer

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