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Austin Wedding Photographer | Instagram

Oh I love Instagram! Do you? There is a huge amount of freedom that I feel when I lift my little smart phone and just snap with no settings or focus adjustments to make. I am also a huge fan of the square picture. I have an old vintage camera that shoots square negatives and it’s always been a pleasing shape to me.

You can find me HERE if you’d like to follow along with me.

I often talk about relationship driven photography. My Instagram feed is definitely a little slice of my life and by following it, you can learn all sorts of silly and not so silly things about me. I’ll occasionally post something pretty from a wedding, but mostly it’s whatever catches my eye.

Be prepared, my feed is not art, but it is pretty fun.

Happy Thursday!

Austin wedding photographer on Instagram



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Detail of the Week | Instagram hashtags for weddings

OH YES! I love Instagram (and will have a post on it next week). I’m ‘SCPHOTO’ if you want to follow me (and I would love that because you’ll get a really great glimpse into my life and what makes me tick).

Just click on the icon to find me. But more about that later…


I think an Instagram hashtag is the PERFECT thing to incorporate into your wedding because who doesn’t have a smart phone at this point? Trust me, these people will be taking photos at your wedding and how FUN is it to see those photos immediately after the wedding? It is FUN, trust me. Plus, my assistant and I are all over the place, but can’t be everywhere at all times. Your guests can get some great behind the scenes perspective photos for you.

Jill and Matt (who you will be seeing more of later this month) had this delightful little sign at their Camp Lucy wedding and got to see lots of fun photos of their wedding immediately. I also participated (and totally will at your wedding too if you do this). Check out their hashtag and see the GIANT tarantula that crashed cocktail hour.

EEEE! Oh hill country, never change.

Camp Lucy wedding photos | www.shannoncunninghamphoto.com





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