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If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you have heard me wax on (and on) about how wonderful I think a qualified wedding coordinator is. They make your wedding planning, and most importantly, your wedding day a far less stressful affair. They are a great point of contact for your vendor team and allow you and your guests to enjoy yourself to the fullest at the wedding.

Honestly, they also make my job easier too. Their planning and attention to detail allows me to focus on my job – making you some amazing images. So, what’s not to love?

My wonderful friends over at BZ Events (who land squarely in the ‘wonderful, qualified wedding planner’ column) were in need of some new head shots for their website, so we trekked out in some beautiful light and made some pretty pictures.

Thanks ladies!

Cortney & Becky, the ‘Z’ and the ‘B’, respectively.

Gray & Stephanie

Kerry & her sweet little doggie. Her dog is not technically a qualified wedding coordinator, but she was along for the shoot and super cute, so I couldn’t resist.

Shannon Cunningham is an Austin, Texas wedding and portrait photographer.

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